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Dec 102012

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During the anti-Constitutional draft protesting in Egypt I was shocked to see a group of scary chumps wearing black and breaking in the tents of strike and beating the the peaceful protestors with big stick, some was holding guns and stones

I looked around to rescue my 16 years daughter and her school pals from the 'battle field' improvised by pro-Mursi barbarian militias but I saw her running and screaming and some ugly monster chasing her. Most probably he picked her the first because she wasn't covering her hair though the other gangsters were assaulting all girls regardless their dressings

My daughter's friends surrounded the Islamic tank and hampered his movement and pulled my daughter Germain away

Few days later I came across an account on Facebook for some one named Ahmed al-Mogheer and his photo was a perfect copy of the gangster who terrorized my daughter. When I began to read his posts I realized that it is him the terrorist who also participated in killing seven youths at this gloomy day

For my surprise he was bragging openly on Facebook of defeating the anti-Mursi 'infidels'. He's not likely to be arrested sooner or later by the liar brotherhood's authors who are flooding Western media with lies

He might delete his account after I put his photos and pointed to his crimes on a dozen of my friend's accounts

Now running to police to rescue her from another brotherhood thugs

Now running to army and police? they rescue her from other brotherhood thugs